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Consulting and advice

REPSE Services :

This range of REPSE services is aimed at established Mexican and foreign companies. in Mexico, requiring experts in total protection against inspections and fines derived of suppliers and/or service providers at any time.

We provide personalized and strategic solutions, from continuous consulting or before problems related to non-compliance that provide clear scenarios for timely decision-making.

We stand out in auditing the tax compliance of service providers and suppliers which is carried out by experts in actuarial risk analysis, which are carried out through tools with Business Intelligence and technology with Know-How own for compliance.

SIROC Services :

We offer SIROC services for the construction sector throughout Mexico, taking care of integrally of project management and continuous supervision of compliance with the subcontractors with specialized analysis, tools with Business Intelligence and technology with its own know-how.

Our wide range of consulting specialized in SIROC, experience and knowledge, provides protection to our clients at all times.

Our tailored strategic solutions are created to timely comply with the law of Social Security and with the Social Security regulations for workers of the construction.


We control joint liability risks

Day by day, we create new and better services with our own advanced technology to comply with the various provisions regarding REPSE-SIROC subcontracting specialized services, preventing joint liability, fines and sanctions.


Actuarial Consulting


We analyze specific cases to provide a high level of protection through our experts in actuarial analysis and Business Intelligence, with more than 50 years of experience controlling tax risks.

Strategic Solutions

  • Customized services.
  • Administrative reengineering.
  • REPSE analysis and registration.
  • ICSOE and SISUB Quarterly reports.
  • Validation and continuous review.
  • Strategic Audit.
  • Correction and IMSS project closure.
  • Compliance Diagnostic.

Business Intelligence


Our experts, through advanced tools, technology developed by the Group, and highly specialized processes, generate strategic analysis of the service providers and subcontractors compliance, and provide valuable information for decision making, minimizing significant risks due to fines and reviews.


We integrate actuarial analysis, highly specialized processes in REPSE and SIROC, customized strategies, and the most advanced technology developed by our Group.


IMSS Testimonial

The Incorporation and collection IMSS Directorate, issued its testimony on the advanced technology developed by our group, through the Inspection and Collection IMSS Unit, making us an innovative Consulting firm and forefront with our own advanced technology for compliance.


Best & Best Consulting Group with more than 50 years of experience and knowledge in Social Security, Laws and Regulations, Process Restructuring, Data Analysis, Risk Assessment, Actuarial Strategies and its own advanced technology, put in your hands unique solutions with Business Intelligence for REPSE and SIROC at National Level.

Our services meet the highest protection standards to ensure the compliance with tax, labor and Social Security obligations, avoiding fines and reviews derived from the joint liability of service providers and subcontractors.

Projects of our clients


With the experience of more than 50 years, actuarial analysis, highly specialized processes in REPSE and SIROC, implementation
of customized strategies, and the most advanced technology developed by our Group.
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REPSE - SIROC Administrative reengineering .
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REPSE - SIROC Compliance audit of specialized service providers or contractors .
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REPSE I Previous analysis and registration .
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SIROC | Strategies, project management and construction closures .
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ICSOE and SISUB Quarterly reports .
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SIROC I Closing of work and risk projection .

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