Our REPSE experts are great strategic allies to ensure compliance with REPSE obligations in Mexico.

The various strategies applied in our services, and advanced risk management, offer our clients solid protection to prevent inspections and avoid resulting fines of non-compliance of third parties with RESPE.

Our services

At Best & Best Consulting Group, we are in charge of protecting our clients through services highly specialized in REPSE from registration, risk diagnosis, supervision, validation and verification of compliance of service providers, review of contracting processes services, continuous compliance audit, and implementation of preventive measures by joint liability.

We stand out for offering customized solutions for REPSE, and our experience translates into actuarial protection strategies, integrating Business Intelligence and innovative tools with our own know-how to guarantee supplier compliance.

Strategic Audit

We conduct a REPSE audit per period, with an advanced actuarial approach, integrating Business Intelligence and innovative tools with our own know-how to analyze data, identify risks and optimize processes, guaranteeing a thorough and efficient review, with strategic insights to informed decision making about compliance.

REPSE Registry

Our specialists are in charge of helping you with the REPSE registration, review activities and identify those problems that generated the revocation or, that prevent optimal registration in REPSE.

Compliance diagnosis

This strategic review of REPSE compliance management at any stage, provides a clear view of the relevant risks regarding compliance with REPSE for optimal and timely decision making.

Prevention of risks and contingencies

Our experts carry out reliable analyzes of REPSE compliance, identifying potential risks and calculating the reserves necessary to cover contingencies for non-compliance, avoiding fines or inspections of the different tax authorities.

Continuous Third Party Monitoring

Surveillance offers advanced protection. Our experts at REPSE, with business intelligence and technology with our know-how, evaluate REPSE compliance continues to control potential tax risks, implement preventive measures, and protect yourself in a timely manner against any fiscal and financial contingency.

ICSOE and SISUB Declarations

Our experts have a powerful digital infrastructure to organize, classify and generate layouts for ICSOE AND SISUB without errors and according to the information of contracts and their workers of any period reducing workloads.


Providers of Specialized Services and Specialized Works

REPSE called Registry of Providers of Specialized Services or Specialized Works, is a mandatory registration for the provision of services in accordance with article 15 of the Law Federal Labor Office, which is carried out from the REPSE.STPS.GOB.MX. portal, before the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare. The REPSE aims to prevent tax evasion and protect the rights of workers, promoting transparency in the provision of specialized services. For more details on REPSE, see REPSE

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