Especialized Services

Companies have the authorization to carry out the subcontracting of specialized services or the execution of works specialized that are not included in the corporate purpose or in the predominant economic activity of the beneficiary entity, as long as when the contractor is duly registered in the Public Registry of Companies and People that Subcontract Services REPSE . This provision allows companies to outsource tasks specific that are not directly related to their function principal, thus facilitating operational flexibility and efficiency in project management. The condition of registration in the REPSE guarantees that the contractor complies with the legal requirements and contributes to the transparency in labor and commercial relations. This frame regulations seek to balance subcontracting with the protection of workers' rights and ensure an ethical business environment and responsible.

Complementary or shared services or works provided between companies of the same business group will also be considered as specialized as long as they are not part of the corporate purpose or the preponderant economic activity of the company that receives them.
Are you a provider of Specialized Services and still do not have the REPSE?
Contracting your services without REPSE registration puts both parties (customers and suppliers) at risk, since both would be in breach of the law.

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