It is the electronic tool called Information Contracts for Specialized Services or Works (ICSOE) implemented and administered by the Mexican Institute of Social Security through which service providers or executors of specialized works will report to the Institute the information of the contracts entered into in matter of subcontracting of specialized services or execution of specialized works. Its objective is to facilitate compliance with the periodic obligation to submit to the Institute the information on the contracts carried out, according to the four-month period in question.
Who is it for??
To those individuals and legal entities that are part of the Public Registry of Specialized Services or Works Contractors in charge of the Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare.
When should I fulfill my obligation?
Four-monthly within the first 17 days of the months of May, September and January, which correspond to the first, second and third quarter respectively, that is:
  • First - (January - April) May 1 to 17
  • Second - (May - August) September 1 to 17
  • Third - (September - December) January 1 to 17
Nota: In the event that the last day of expiration is a non-business day, it will be covered on the following business day.
What information do I need to submit?.
General information of the contractor and the contractor:
  • Name
  • Denomination or social reason
  • Federal taxpayer registration
  • Registered office or conventional address if different from the tax address
  • E-mail
  • Contact phone
Of the contract
  • Object
  • Validity period
From the workers
  • Social Security Number, CURP and Contribution Base Salary.
Documentation to attach
  • Simple copy of the registration issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare for the provision of specialized services or the execution of specialized works.

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